"I’ve always been a listener, which can make it really hard to feel included. Whenever I’m working in a group, it seems like the outspoken people are always the ones who get acknowledged. Even if I do more work."

I love you and all but you’re so fucking suffocating.

And you wonder why I stay out late… to get away from this hell hole, obviously.

Actually trying so hard not to cry.
It’s so different here without you.

"Tatay, we’re home…"

this is so fucking hard. i miss you so much

so fucking angry at the world…

It’s sad that under these circumstances bring family together… but nonetheless I am still super excited to see my aunts from Germany!! It’s been so long ohmygod so excite.

I didn’t cry today… so that’s good. But please pull through… we all need you here with us.

omg is that a sign for a full recovery!?!?

holy shit please….